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Artist-in-Residence at Pasadena City College: José Luis Cuevas (1989)

Research guide dedicated to the current Pasadena City College Artist-in-Residence, and an overview of past Artists-in-Residence.

PCC Artist-in-Residence 1989: José Luis Cuevas

José Luis Cuevas
1989 Artist-in-Residence Poster

Interior (1989)
42 x 58.25 in.
Ink on Paper

José Luis Cuevas working at PCC

About José Luis Cuevas

Artist and social activist José Luis Cuevas (b. 1934 in Mexico City) has an international reputation as a draftsman. Essentially self-taught, Cuevas was a catalyst in the transition from the traditional Mexican muralist style to a contemporary Mexican art that challenged tradition, to which end he published his own manifesto in 1953, The Cactus Curtain: An Open Letter on Conformity in Mexican Art. Since his first show in the early 1950s, Cuevas has established an impressive exhibition history in the Americas and worldwide. Among the many awards he has received is Gentleman of the Order of the Arts and Letters, given in 1991 by the French government. The José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City has a collection of over 1,000 works, donated to his country from the artist's personal collection. Mr. Cuevas served in residencies at the University of Seattle (1977) and Pasadena City College (1989).

José Luis Cuevas Artist-in-Residence podcast

One in a series of podcasts by Professor Sandra C. Haynes describing the Artist-in-Residence collection of fine art in the PCC Library and Boone Sculpture Garden of Pasadena City College.

"Perhaps the first thing you notice about the work of art donated to Pasadena City College by renowned Mexican artist José Luis Cuevas, is its size."

José Luis Cuevas Artist-in-Residence video