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Artist-in-Residence at Pasadena City College: AIR Podcast

Research guide dedicated to the current Pasadena City College Artist-in-Residence, and an overview of past Artists-in-Residence.

Title Image: Artist-in-Residence Podcasts, Pasadena City College


Photograph of Professor Sandra C. HaynesProfessor Sandra C. Haynes teaches art history courses at Pasadena City College. She served on the Artist-in-Residence Committee from its inception until 2012. Professor Haynes is especially proud of bringing Faith Ringgold (a favorite children's book author) to PCC in 2000. The podcasts were begun in 2006, as an independent project on iTunes. The podcasts are part of Professor Haynes' commitment to integrating technology into her teaching, both face-to-face, and online.


Professor Haynes is a recipient of the prestigious California Community College Board of Governor's Hayward Award for 2013. The award recognizes California Community College faculty whose careers demonstrate superior commitment to service and professional excellence in education on their campuses, in their community, and in the state.

Introduction: Shatford Library, Galloway Plaza and the Boone Sculpture Garden

José Luis Cuevas - 1989

Tom Bostelle - 1986 - the origin of the Artist-in-Residence Program

Barbara Chase-Riboud - 1990