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PCC Library Technology Certificate Programs

A Library Guide for prospective/current/alumni students to learn more about the Library Technology Certificate of Achievement Program at Pasadena City College.

Welcome: Library Technology Certificate

Interested in Library Technology?

Library support staff work in tandem with librarians and administrators, playing a key role in making library services more efficient and welcoming to the community. Often, they are the ‘face’ of the library or those working in the background to acquire and process library materials. Library technicians and library assistants work in public services, circulation, children's services, and technical services in all types of libraries and information centers including: public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries, special libraries and information centers. Typical duties of Library technicians include: customer service, technical services (acquisition and materials preparation, organization and maintenance), clerical and administrative tasks and assisting users in locating appropriate resources. Library technicians in smaller libraries may handle a range of duties, while those in large libraries usually specialize. Library technicians and assistants generally work under the supervision of a librarian. With advances in technology, their duties are expanding and evolving with increasing responsibility for daily library operations. These jobs may have other titles, such as library technical assistant, library assistant, library aide or circulation assistant.


Pasadena City College’s Library Technology Certificate program prepares students for employment in all types of libraries. The program provides introductory training for those entering the field, and offers continuing education opportunities for those currently employed. Curriculum is developed and updated in consultation with the local library employer community and the national Library Support Staff Certification program. Courses provide practical instruction and training in effective public service, technology and workplace communication skills to successfully interact with library users and staff. 


Skilled paraprofessionals are needed for various levels of employment in public, academic, school and special libraries. PCC's Library Technology Certificate Program prepares students to work in the dynamic information and technology based world of libraries.The program focuses on job-related skills and practices needed to enter and succeed in the library workplace. The program provides training for paraprofessionals entering the field and also provides continuing education opportunities for those currently employed.  Program courses, developed in consultation with library employers, cover all phases of library public services and provide training and practice in the use of library automated systems including public access, reference, cataloging, circulation, databases and Web search techniques.


1. Articulate library principles, roles, and service issues related to the diverse communities libraries serve.
2. Demonstrate library workplace skills by performing various library technician job duties.
3. Demonstrate understanding of successful library service by analyzing library staff interactions with library patrons.

Students can earn a Certificate or an Associate in Science Degree:



The Pasadena City College Library Technology Certificate of Achievement prepares students to work as highly skilled paraprofessionals in various levels of employment in public, academic, special and school libraries and information centers. The Certificate of Achievement in Library Technology requires the completion of 7 required classes (19 units).  


Students not planning to transfer or complete a bachelor's degree can also pursue an Associate in Science degree in Library Technology by completing the 19-unit program along with general education requirements and electives for a total of 60 units.  Students are encouraged to meet with a PCC Counselor to discuss the requirements for this degree.