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PCC Library Technology Certificate Programs

A Library Guide for prospective/current/alumni students in the Library Technology, Archives & Digital Collections, and Digitization Certifcate Programs at Pasadena City College

Internship Requirements

Requirements: Review the course description and preliminary proposal above. The LIB 106 and/or LIB 126 Internship requires a formal agreement between the college and the organization. Contact Joanna Chen Cham, Library Technology Program Coordinator, 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the start of the academic term to discuss internship options. A minimum of 60 hours field work--completed before the end of the academic term--is required to earn credit. Submit a signed copy of the Internship Student Agreement to the Library Technology Program Coordinator to request permission to register for the LIB 106 hours. A completed evaluation form is required for credit. 

For more information, contact Joanna Chen Cham, Library Certificate Program Coordinator, PCC Library, Room LL204, (626) 585-7820,