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A Library Guide for prospective/current/alumni students in the Library Technology, Archives & Digital Collections, and Digitization Certifcate Programs at Pasadena City College

Library Job Search Tools and Employment Websites

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Ready to Look for a Job? Here Are Some Resources!

Library Job Lists:

General Job Search Sites that may include library jobs:

Academic Libraries:

Public Libraries:

School Libraries:

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Special Libraries

Library Employment Agencies:


Job Search Tips

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Libraries are people-oriented organizations focused on serving library users.  Library employers are looking for job candidates with 'soft skills' as well as 'hard skills' related to job duties, so remember to highlight your 'soft skills' too!

Soft skills are attitudes, behaviors and interpersonal communication skills that translate into how we are at work and how easily we interact with others. Consider how you can develop these skills and also emphasize them in your resume, cover letters and job applications and interviews. 

Soft skills include

Communication, Conflict resolution, Creativity, Critical thinking, Dependability, Empathy, Flexibility, Problem solving, and more.

Read more about how to incorporate those soft skills into your job search process!

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The Balance Careers. By Alison Doyle. Updated November 12, 2018