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PCC Archives & Digital Collections and Digitization Skills Certificate Programs

A Guide for prospective/current/alumni students to learn more about the Archives & Digital Collections Assistant Certificate of Achievement and Digitization Skills for Libraries & Cultural Heritage Institution Occupational Skills Certificate Programs.


A black woman standing and scanning a document at the National Archives.LIB 126 ARCHIVES & DIGITAL COLLECTIONS INTERNSHIP COURSE DESCRIPTION

Prerequisites: LIB 121 & LIB 122.  Supervised practical experience working in an approved archives, specialized collection or digital project in a library, museum, or other type of organization. Pass/no pass grading. Requires 60 hours of non-paid work or 75 hours of paid work for one semester unit.  Offered in the Summer.


Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

1.  Demonstrate processes and best practice techniques. 

For Digital Projects Sites: Demonstrate processes and best practice techniques for creating archival images and/or Demonstrate skill in creating complete metadata records following the best practices standards of the institution.
For Archives Sites: Demonstrate processes and best practice techniques for appraising, handling, organizing,  preserving and/or describing archival materials.  

2. Describe and evaluate participation in a digital project or archives as a tool for learning and potential employment.


Given the increasing demand for digital access to historical materials, there is a shortage of trained staff familiar with the technologies used in both creating and managing digital files for libraries and cultural heritage collections.

This curriculum prepares students to work in digital repositories found in libraries, archives, museums and other cultural heritage organizations. Instruction includes: project planning, digitization, metadata, copyright, preservation and end user access to digital materials.

Through coursework and the LIB 126 Archives & Digital Collections Internship, students will gain practical experience using industry standards in order to prepare them for entering the workforce.

Example of Past Internship Sites: 

Altadena Historical Society, Arcadia Public Library and Historical Museum, Art Center college of Design Archives, Azusa City Library, Burbank Public Library, CalTech Library, CSULA Special Collections and Archives, County of LA Public Library, FIDM Museum, Glendale Community College Library, Glendale Public Library, Huntington Library, JPL Library, Archives, and Records Section, LA as Subject, LA County Arboretum Library, LACMA,  Natural History Museum - Archives, Digital Collections, and Special Collections, NARA, Palm Springs Public Library, Pasadena Museum of History, Pasadena Public Library, San Gabriel Mission Playhouse.



Important Note

Pasadena City College requires an Internship Agreement Contract with all internship sites facilitated by the college or division. The contract must be approved by the Board and be completed by the end of May for Summer internships. To plan for the internship start and end dates, check the PCC Academic Calendar and navigate to the current Academic Year.

 Applying for an Internship

  1. To start the internship process, reach out to Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator Joanna Chen Cham as soon as possible to discuss internship goals and process.

  2. Prepare a Cover Letter and Resume to apply for internships.

  3. Reach out to potential Internship Sites to arrange for an Archives & Digital Collections Internship. Potential internship sites are welcome to reach out to Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator Joanna Chen Cham  with any questions. (Note: You may apply to multiple internships, but the course will only be with one site).

  4. Once an internship has been confirmed, reach out to  Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator Joanna Chen Cham to initialize the Internship Agreement Contract process. At this point, PCC will reach out to the Internship Site and both the college and the site will have to sign the contract, which will then go to the Board to be approved, and then be executed.

  5. Once the Internship Agreement Contract has been signed, approved, and executed, you will be be able to add the course. Check in periodically with Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator Joanna Chen Cham with any requests for updates.

Registering for Internship Credit (LIB126)

After you have accepted an internship opportunity, contact Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator Joanna Chen Cham for approval and an add code to register for the LIB 126 Archives & Digital Collections Internship course.  

Any More Questions?

Please contact Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator Joanna Chen Cham via email and/or scheduling a follow-up appointment using the link to the left.


Required Internship Forms

To successfully complete the Library Technology and/or Archives & Digital Collections internship at PCC, students must complete the required forms below, each of which must be filled out at different points in the internship, and submitted to the Internship Coordinator following course instructions in Canvas.


Are You Interested in Becoming a PCC Library Technology or Archives & Digital Collections Internship Site?

Please contact the Librarian/Library Technology Certificate Programs Coordinator, Joanna Chen Cham, if you are interested in sponsoring an intern at your organization. Internship sites will need to sign an Internship Agreement Contract with Pasadena City College and contracts must be approved by the Board.