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Dental Assisting, Hygiene and Laboratory Technology


Welcome to the Library Research Session for Dental Assisting!

In today's session we will cover:

  • PCC Library services available to students
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Using PCC Library databases
  • Citing sources in APA

Library Services Overview

Here is what the PCC Library homepage looks like (below), with a few key resources highlighted, including: where to do a book & ebook search, where to get assistance from a librarian, and where to access the library databases.

PCC Library homepage with the following resources highlighted: Where to do a book search, Where to get assistance from a librarian, and Where to access the library databases.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Recommended Databases

Looking for more databases to choose from?
Check out PCC Library's full list of databases on the A-Z Database List page!

Recommended Journals

APA Citations

For the Dental Assisting program, you will be using APA Citations. Here is an overview of APA Style:

Learn more about using APA Citations by checking out the following resources: