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Dental Assisting, Hygiene and Laboratory Technology

About this Guide

This PCC Library Research Guide is your guide to using the resources of the PCC Library for your assignments in Dental Assisting, Hygiene and Laboratory Technology. The navigation links on this site will take you to the following sections of this guide:

  1. Dental - Home: the current page; basic library information, books/articles search box and guide overview.
  2. Beginning Your Research: How to locate background information and topic overviews.
  3. Finding ArticlesA selection of databases for finding scholarly and non-scholarly articles in the library collection.
  4. Recommended Websites: Credible websites related to dental topics; professional associations.
  5. Evaluating Sources: Tips and tools for finding sources appropriate for your research.
  6. Citation Style: Why and how to cite your sources.
  7. Get HelpHelp chat box and contact information for further assistance.
  8. Course Pages: A drop-down menu of additional information provided for particular courses.

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