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Nursing Research Guide

Use this LibGuide to selected library and online resources for nursing. The "Articles" tab links to the library's databases for nursing journals and health information.

Search Strategies

1. Brainstorm keywords and synonyms 


Synonyms (popular and medical/nursing terminology):

hypertension OR “high blood pressure”

“heart attack” OR “cardiac arrest”

Antonyms: example: seizure; anti-seizure

Word variations: nurse, nurses, nursing, (nurs*)

Put quotations around your terms for exact searches (examples: “patient confidentiality”, “dosage calculations”)

2.Use AND/OR/NOT between concepts

  • “high blood pressure” OR hypertension (either/any)
  • hypertension AND women AND treatment (all)
  • diabetes NOT gestational (remove from results)

3. Use Limits to reduce results:

  • limit to full text
  • add more keywords or use more specific keywords
  • limit search terms to the article title or subject
  • limit or sort by date