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MUSIC 21: Music Appreciation

Explore this LibGuide to find books, articles and Web sources about music appreciation.

Finding Books, Scores and Recordings

The library catalog is a database of books, media (audio and video recordings), and course reserves located in the library's collection.  From the library hompage (or the search box below) start by clicking on the advanced search link.

The library catalog also includes the PCC Music Lab and Library's extensive collection of musical scores, records, CDs, DVDs, videos, Instructors' reserved materials, music text books and music reference sources such as music dictionaries and encyclopedias. The Music Lab/Library is is located in the CA building on the eastern side of the campus. The Music Lab/Library consists of a main lab area in the basement, CA002, which houses the library and audio/visual equipment.

To find resources in the library or music lab you will need a call number which is based on the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress Classification System and leads you to the specific item on the shelf.

  • Look for an item using keyword or in a specific field (eg. title field or subject field).  Use the drop down menu arrows.
  • Search by title to locate a composer's work or a specific piece of music: To search for a title select title from the drop down menu.  It may help to place the title in quotation marks. 
  • Search by Author to locate music by a specific composer, use the composer's name as an author. To search by author, select Author, then type in the author's last name, first name, e.g. Mozart, Wolfgang.
  • Search by Subject to find information about a composer or musician.  Select Subject from the drop down menu.
  • Search by Subject to find information on a topic. You can use your keyword search results to identify library subject headings or you can select Subject and type in a library subject heading.

Examples of subject headings:

Use Advanced Search to combine topics.
You can also use Advanced search to limit to Format: Sound Recording

Search books, articles and more: the PCC Library Catalog

A single search box covers our catalog of books and DVDs, as well as a large number of the periodical articles in our collection. You can search All, or you can use the tabs above the search box to narrow your search to Articles or Books.

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