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Speech Research Guide

An introduction to library resources and services for speech students.

1. Select Your Topic. It's okay to browse!

Selecting a topic for your research paper or speech is one of the most difficult steps in the research process. Consider using these library databases to help you find a topic that interests you.

Is your topic a famous person?

2. Narrow it Down - Define the issue

Define the issue and identify your main concepts and keywords.

Ask yourself the "W" questions: who, what, where, when. If your topic is too broad, think of how it affects a certain group of people, or a certain part of the world. Or, consider a specific impact or effect of your topic. What makes it important? Focus in on that effect and how to respond to it, encourage it or prevent it!

More Information on Selecting Topics

View our Selecting Topics guide for more ideas about how to choose and refine your topics.