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A guide for geography students, history buffs, and those with a little wanderlust.

Where to begin?

Ready to do some Geography Research? What do you need to find? Articles? Books? Websites? Maps?

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What is a Map?

A map is representation of a geographic area, usually a portion of the earth’s surface, drawn or printed on a flat surface. In most instances a map is a diagrammatic rather than a pictorial representation of the terrain; it usually contains a number of generally accepted symbols, which indicate the various natural, artificial, or cultural, features of the area it covers.

Read more about maps from Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia.

What is an Atlas?

An atlas is a collection of maps or charts bound in a volume. It may cover the entire world or specific regions and frequently contains indexes of place-names, populations, natural resources, main industries, and other factual information. An atlas may also be devoted to a special subject, such as climate, agriculture, diseases, languages, or astronomy.

Read more about atlases from Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia.

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