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De-Stress from Finals Resources: Art Activities

This guide has been created to offer enjoyment and resources to students to help de-stress from final exams. Explore the tabs of the menu for different types of resources.

Make Origami at PCC Library during Finals Week

Guided Art Therapy & Tutorial


Use this Art Therapy Video to create Art to help you de-stress:

Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed? This therapeutic art exercise uses principles of grounding and mindfulness to help manage anxiety and other overwhelming emotions, no matter what setting you're in.

Materials Suggested:

• paper (any size, type, color)

• drawing materials (suggested: markers, crayons, colored pencils)

You Might Try:

• use black construction paper with lighter colored pencils (like white, pastel colors, metallic colors) or gel pens to give a cool glow-in-the-dark effect

• draw the lines using a crayon or piece of wax and color the spaces with watercolor – the wax will resist and push through the watercolors

(Description adapted from the content creator of the video below)


Do you have paint or watercolors around? You might enjoy this guided art painting video:

Follow along this art therapy activity to help you feel calm and relaxed. This expressive art exercise will prompt you to use a fluid painting medium to allow you to let go of trying to control, quiet the brain, and get into a creative flow. As always, this self art therapy exercise is open to all levels, and are great for beginners no matter their skills or prior experience in art.

YouTube Playlist: How-to tutorial videos on folding origami. You can get origami paper from PCC Library during finals week to try out these tutorials!

This Playlist includes the following videos:

  1. Learn how to make an ORIGAMI HEART that serves as a bookmark through this animated tutorial!
  2. Inspired by this spring’s blooms? Make a ROSE that lasts!
  3. Need a last minute graduation gift? Learn how to make this GRADUATION CAP and DIPLOMA with dollar bills or paper!
  4. Thinking about what’s next after this academic year? Make an ORIGAMI FORTUNE TELLER and play with your friends!
  5. De-stress by making some very CUTE ORIGAMI ANIMALS
  6. Up for a challenge? Try this MODULAR ORIGAMI CELESTIAL KUSUDAMA if you need a long break from studying!
  7. Ready to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month in May? Learn how to make the classic ORIGAMI CRANE
  8. Juggling quite a bit during finals? Make some ORIGAMI PAPER BALLOONS to juggle and clear your mind!
  9. Going to miss your fellow PCC Lancers this summer? Write a secret message in an ORIGAMI ENVELOPE to your friend!
  10.  Congrats! You’ve finished another semester! You’re a rock star, so make yourself or a friend an ORIGAMI STAR as a reminder of how amazing you are!