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College 1 Research Guide

Find resources to help you conduct research for your final project.

MLA Citation Workshop: Learn to cite in 20 minutes!

Citing Sources in MLA Format

When you use a quote or an idea from a source (even if you paraphrase the idea in your own words), you must list the source's author and the page number, if available, in parentheses.  

This is called an an in-text citation. It should have a corresponding citation on your Works Cited list, which is the full list of all the sources you utilized for your research project. Below, you'll find an example an in-text citation and a Works Cited citation. 

In-Text Citation:

"We think of sexual harassment as a problem unique to the business environment, but this unlawful behavior is commonly found on our nation's college and university campuses" (Ramson 39). 

Corresponding Works Cited list Citation: 

MLA 8 sample citation showing article found in a database: Author's name, last name first followed by a period. Title of article in quotes, with a period at the end. Title of journal in italics, followed by volume and issue number comma date of publication comma page range period. Name of database in italics comma URL or website address of article.

Citing Images:

If you use an image, you must cite it in your Works Cited list. Example:

Works cited entry in MLA 8 for an image. Shows author, in this case the name of an organization. Then a period, then the title or caption of the image in quotes with a period. Then the name of the web site or web page in italics comma the name of the publisher of the website comma date published comma the URL of the page featuring the image.