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College 1 Research Guide

This guide provides links to many of the resources you'll need to complete your poster assignment.


This assignment fosters development of essential research skills including choosing and narrowing a research topic, formulating a research question, finding and selecting reliable sources using Shatford Library databases, selecting information from sources to support your position and citing sources. 

At the library, we will help you with the following aspects of the project: 

  • Finding credible information on your topic. Your group will need: 
    • three or more articles accessed via library databases
    • information from other authoritative sources (books, trustworthy websites, etc.) 
  • Citing your sources using MLA format
    • The FRONT of your poster will include in-text citations for each quote, data point, illustrative graphic, or summary / paraphrase from library or outside sources. Anything that is not your group's own, original idea needs to be cited. 
    • The BACK of your poster will include a Works Cited list. Every in-text citation on the front of the poster should have a corresponding citation on the Works Cited list. 


Poster Session 2016/17