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Architecture Research Guide

This research guide will point you toward the material you need to gather in your research - books, articles, websites, etc. Click on each page (tab) and read through the boxes on each page to explore the research tools available to you.

Develop a research plan

ASK QUESTIONS TO DEFINE YOUR TOPIC Or    A 'concept map' may be helpful: 

 Who?        What?       Where?       When?          

             Why?         How?          So What?

What is the definition?

What other words could be used to research this topic?

What are some causes ?

What are some results or consequences ?

What larger social or political issues are related to this topic?

research concept map showing a large circle reading 'what is required?' with smaller circles overlapping it with labels such as 'definition' and 'recent examples'[source]

Google Advanced Search

This video describes the features of Google Advanced Search, which can help you focus your search results on exactly what you need.

Search Google better

When is the last time you thought about how you enter searches in a tool like Google?

Take a quick look through Google's How to Search on Google article, then go a step further and check out Refine Web Searches.

Making use of advanced search screens can help you hone your search skills!

Google Advanced    Yahoo Advanced      

Also -- try limiting your search by domain (.edu, .gov, .org, etc.) by typing in the box along with your search terms.

Google Web Search

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