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Using this guide, you will learn how to find the textbooks for your classes and get tips for keeping textbook costs down.

What to Know Before You Go

Books at the PCC Bookstore are arranged on the shelves alphabetically by author. You can generate a list of books for your classes by visiting the bookstore website on your mobile device, or print the list of book for your classes s in-store at a kiosk. With your list in hand, start at “A” and walk through in alphabetical order, collecting your course materials based on authors’ last names.

Renting Textbooks

Did you know that you can often save money by renting your textbooks instead of buying them? When you search for a textbook on the bookstore website, you'll see prices for any available format, which may include new and used books, and semester-long rentals of paper and/or digital versions of the book.

Bookstore web page showing prices for new, used, paper rental and digital rental book

View of shelves at PCC bookstore, showing alphabetical labels by subject area