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Boone Sculpture Garden: The Artists

This LibGuide includes resources about the artists and benefactors who have contributed to the Boone Sculpture Garden.


The works cited in this LibGuide are located in a variety of places in the library and online.  Locations:

  • Library Archives:  Materials in the Archives are available by appointment. Email
  • Book stacks: Reference books are located on the main floor of the library. The Circulating collection is on the main floor and upper level.
  • Databases:  Databases are freely accessible on campus.  Off-campus access requires a login with LancerPoint User ID and password. ProQuest and Biography in Context are available from our Database list (linked below), or click on the blue links provided in each citation.
  • PCC Courier Online:  The Courier is our campus newspaper.
  • The Open Web.

Deborah Butterfield

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Ken Price

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Jack Zajac

Artist in Residence Scrapbook (Library Archives)

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Stephan Balkenhol

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Four Large Figures

Jodi Pinto

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Resume (Library Archives.  Biography Binder.)  Includes listing of awards/grants, public works, solo exhibitions.

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Yutaka Sone

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