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Citation Style: Citation Tips and Resources

Why you MUST cite your sources

It adds credibility to your argument. Citing is proof that you did research and that your conclusions are based on reliable information.
It helps you avoid plagiarism by giving credit to the people whose ideas and research you used to make your argument.
It shares the sources you discovered by presenting information about your sources in a standardized format that any scholar can use to track down the very same sources you consulted.

What is Plagiarism?

MLA Style Guides and Examples

APA Style Guides and Examples

Annotated Bibliographies

Need help creating an annotated bibliography? You can find guidelines for MLA and APA style annotated bibliographies, and a sample of each, courtesy of EasyBib.

Citation Generators

Citation generators format your citations for you based on information that you input into a form. This can be a convenient tool, but it is NOT 100% accurate. ALWAYS check that the citation is formatted correctly.