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Chemistry Research Guide

Learn about conducting research on chemistry using PCC Library resources.

About This Guide

Welcome to PCC Library's research guide to chemistry! This guide provides information for conducting research on chemistry using PCC Library resources.

The navigation tabs on this page will take you to the following sections of this guide:

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  1. Chemistry Home: The current page; Research guide overview and basic information on chemistry.
  2. Topic Brainstorming: Tips for finding topics related to chemistry.
  3. Finding Articles: A selection of databases and journals for finding articles.
  4. How to Read a Scientific Article
  5. Books & Ebooks: A selection of databases for finding ebooks; Browsing ebooks by sub-discipline; Where to browse print books.
  6. Websites: A selection of websites related to chemistry.
  7. Citation Styles: "Quick guides" for citing your sources in ACS, CSE, APA, and MLA.
  8. Get Help: Information for further assistance.

New to Chemistry?

Is chemistry a new topic to you? This Chemistry page from Gale provides a brief, helpful overview of the topic, including descriptions of chemistry sub-disciplines: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry.

Additionally, these ebooks provide helpful, more in-depth introductions to the discipline: