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Learn about conducting research on Oceanography using PCC Library resources.

Search Strategies

1. Brainstorm keywords and synonyms

Consider common and specialized terminology. Examples...

  • Oceans and climate change
    • Ocean acidification
    • "sea level change"
    • "ocean surface temperature" or "ocean warming"
  • Cryosphere
    • "polar ice"
    • glaciers
    • permafrost
  • Greenhouse gases
    • CO2
    • biogeochemicals
  • Paleoclimate
    • ice ages

Use AND to focus your search on a smaller result set


  •  "greenhouse gases" AND human influence
  •  CO2  AND "ocean acidification" AND coral reefs
  •  "sea level change" AND risks

3. Use OR to link synonyms and gain a larger result set


  • oceans AND [temperature OR warming]
  • oceans AND ["climate change" OR "global warming"]

4. Put quotations around your terms for exact searches


  • "sea level change"
  • "greenhouse gases"
  • "global water cycle"