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Primary Sources: Databases with Primary Source Content

This guide defines primary sources, provides examples and links to databases and Web sites that include primary sources.

Database Overview

Each database listed on the right includes one or more type of primary source material.  

The description of each database includes information about the type of primary source material included and how to limit your search.

Finding Books: Search Tips

To look for primary sources in the Library Catalog (Box in lower right)...

  • Try to combine topic, keyword or a person's name with any of the following: autobiography, personal narratives, letters, correspondence, diaries, memoirs or sources.
  • Author search/ AU:   to find materials someone has written.
  • Advanced Search: Try a word or two representing your topic on one line. On the second line type: sources (in a subject heading) 

Tip: Sources is the subject sub-heading used by the Library of Congress, Library Catalog and WorldCat to describe primary sources.  For example: kw:civil rights su:sources. The items listed will include primary sources.

PCC Library Databases

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A single search box covers our catalog of books and DVDs, as well as a large number of the periodical articles in our collection. You can search All, or you can use the tabs above the search box to narrow your search to Articles or Books.

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