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English as a Second Language Research Guide

Resources for students in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at Pasadena City College

Slides from Library Presentation

Database Screenshots for Research Database Assignment


Determine How Many Search Results You Have:

Two Ways to Limit Results:

  • By Publication Date

  • By Source Type

What keywords were used?

Find Article Details, Get MLA Citation, Email Article

  • Author (Tutty, Leslie, Babins-Wagner, Rochelle and Rothery, Michael)
  • Publication  (Journal of Family Violence)
  • When Article was Published (May 2016)
  • How Many Pages the article is? (9 pages) inside box labeled Source:
  • What type of document is it? (Scholarly Journal Article)
  • Subject terms (First 3 on list of Subjects: Abused Women, CHI-squared test, Counseling)
  • Locating the abstract (abstract is a short summary about the article) (Located at bottom of this screenshot)
  • Locating Full text (Click .PDF button on top left corrner)
  • How to save article by emailing (Use tools side menu on right)
  • How to get MLA 8 citation (Use tools side menu on right)


What is a library database?

Types of Sources

Magazines, newspapers, trade publications and scholarly journal articles are typical types of resources found in library databases. 

MLA Citation Style Support

Recommended Databases