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Biology Research Guide

Learn about conducting research on biology using PCC Library resources.

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Consumer Health Information with Links to Research Journals

From Keywords to Hypothesis

Search Strategies

1.   Brainstorm keywords, related terms and synonyms. Examples...  

  • common plant name, Latin name, drug name(s), alternative name(s)
  • risks, toxicity, clinical studies
  • medicinal uses, diseases or conditions or treatments

2.   Use AND to focus your search on a smaller result set. Examples... 

  •  foxglove  AND toxicity AND risks
  •  digitalis purpurea AND medicinal uses AND clinical studies

3.  Use OR to link synonyms and gain a larger result set. Examples... 

  • medicinal uses AND (foxglove OR digoxin OR digitalis)

4.  Put quotations around your terms for exact searches
  Example: "medicinal use"

                         "digitalis purpurea"

You may need to vary the keywords you use to locate different types of information. 

Library and Publicly Available Databases of Scientific Research Articles

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