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Philosophy Research Guide

An overview of the resources available through the library, library databases and the open Web.


Today, you will be able to:

1. Distinguish academic from non-academic sources and understand peer review.
2. Retrieve articles and books.
3. Find sources that are directly relevant to their topic.


First: gather background information on your topics using one of these databases  
Then: explore these databases to gather sources to support your research
ebscohost proquest Gale Power Search
Search a wide variety of EBSCOhost databases containing thousands of journal, magazine, and newspaper articles covering all disciplines. ProQuest will search through a wide-range of databases and subjects.  You can access newspaper, magazine, and journal articles Gale PowerSearch will connect you to Gale databases that span newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. 
  • All of our databases can be accessed off-campus.  Make sure to use the Library links when doing so. 
  • Some of our resources can be accessed through Google Scholar.
  • Access a full list of our databases here: Library Databases