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Project MUSE Database Guide: Refining Your Search & Search Example

A quick guide to using Project MUSE

Project Muse Search Options

The advanced search options in Project Muse appear under Filter Results on the left side of your screen after you perform a basic search.

Project Muse search results screen indicating drop-down menus used to select Content, Title, Author Name, or Publisher for search field. Also indicates that Project Muse will include results PCC doesn't have access to unless you select 'Only Content I Have Access To' on the search results screen.

Content searches for your term(s) in all content such as titles, citations, journal articles, book chapters and abstracts or summaries when available.

Title searches for your term(s) in the title of a journal article or the title of a book.

Author Name searches for journal and book content by a particular author. The results display all journal articles and reviews and book content in MUSE by the author.

Publisher searches for all book and journal content by a particular publisher. The results display all journal and book content in MUSE from that publisher.

Search Results Screen

Search results screen showing icons after each result for viewing and downloading, and a drop-down menu to sort results by relevance, oldest first or newest first

Clicking View underneath an article will open the article as a web page, with options to recommend (email) and generate a citation for the article. If the link says "View Summary," this link will not show the whole article, but will give you options to email and cite. The Download link under an article allows you to view or download the item in PDF format. Clicking Save underneath an article will add the article to your "MyMUSE Library," which will only be saved if you create a free Project Muse login.

Filtering Your Search

On the left side of your screen after you search, you will find options to filter your search results by, including:

Publication Type:

Project Muse content type filter showing Books, Journal Articles and Reviews

Research Area:

Research Area filter, showing selectable areas of research and a box to search research areas by keyword

Publication Year:

Filter for publication year, showing options of any time, this year, last two years, last three years, last five years, and last ten years