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Nursing Research Guide

Use this LibGuide to selected library and online resources for nursing. The "Articles" tab links to the library's databases for nursing journals and health information.

Academic Video Online (AVON)

Finding Medcom videos online

To see a list of Medcom video segments in the Academic Video Online database, search for the word "medcom" from the AVON homepage. To narrow your Medcom search by topic, add a second word to your search, as pictured in the example below. Type your search terms and press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

AVON search box showing search for terms medcom and cultural

In your search results, you can click the title of any video segment to view it. All Medcom videos are closed captioned and include a text transcript to the right of the video. Tools underneath the video allow you to email and share the video, and to generate an APA style citation. Please note that you must check the citation for correct formatting -- see the Citing in APA Style page of this guide for examples of proper APA citation style.