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Sociology Research Guide

Resources for students in Sociology courses at Pasadena City College

Practice Evaluating Sources

To make convincing points in a debate, you must reference sources that are credible, reputable, and reliable.

Working in a group, you will look at one of these five sources. Answer the following questions:

  • How might this source be helpful for your assignment?
  • What limitations or issues does it have, if any?
  • Would you consider using this for your debate? Why or why not?

Grp 1: Physician-Assisted Suicide Facts

Grp 2: Assisted Suicide Study Questions Its Use for Mentally Ill

Grp 3: Death With Dignity Means Hope

Grp 4: California Legalizes Assisted Suicide Amid Growing Support 

Grp 5: Legalizing Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide

Refuting Counterarguments

In order to prevail in the debate, you will need to anticipate the points your opposition will make.

Be prepared to refute their arguments! 

Recommended Databases

These databases feature combinations of newspaper, magazine and scholarly articles on a variety of topics. See the database descriptions below for details.