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LIB 102 - Introduction to Reference & Information Services: Home

Course Updates

This LibGuide supports students in LIB 102 - Introduction to Reference and Information Services.

Professor Sheldon's students: Click on the appropriate tab above to access weekly updates regarding class content and assignments.

The textbook required for this class is Reference and Information Services: An Introduction by Kay Ann Cassell & Uma Hiremath (3rd ed., ALA Neal-Schuman, 2012, ISBN 978-1-55570-859-7).  Purchase it at the PCC Bookstore

Calendar Updates

For Wed., 2/3


  • Ford, Chap. 5, pp.47-54 (PDF link on Week 3 in "This Week's Documents" box)


  • OPAC Exercise - Searching Library Catalogs (link on Week 3)
  • Secret Researcher Project
    • Form for first library visit due 2/3 from all students
    • Presentations on 2/3 by the following students. If you will use presentation slides, email them to Sheldon before 3pm on 2/3.
      • Daisy
      • George
      • James
      • Jessica
      • Kristy
      • Lori
      • Mel
      • Michelle
      • Miguel

- - - - - -

For Wed., 1/27



  • Finish one column of the Evaluating the Quality of Information worksheet (linked on Week 2), reviewing the website assigned to you by Sheldon (also linked on Week 2).
  • Boolean Logic Exercise (on Week 2).
  • Your question for the Secret Researcher Project, emailed to Sheldon before 9pm on Fri., 1/22, then approved by Sheldon before 3pm on 1/27. After you email your question to Sheldon, watch for her response; it may take a bit of correspondence before you receive the email that says "Question approved!"
    Print the email from Sheldon that says "QUESTION APPROVED" and bring it to class on 1/27.
  • AFTER you get "Question approved" email from Sheldon, then begin Course Project: Visit one library and complete project form, due on 2/3/16. Pose the question using the exact wording that gets approved.

- - - - - -

For Wed., 1/20



  • Complete Entry Inventory (link at left)
  • Print the Guided Reading questions (linked on Week 1) and note your answers to them as you finish this week's assigned reading - Chapter 2 in the Casell & Hiremath textbook. Be prepared to share your answers in class on 1/20.
  • Print RUSA's Guidelines (link above) and highlight or star what you believe to be the 5 most important behaviors for a successful reference interchange. Be prepared to share your choices and your reasoning in class on 1/20.
  • Consider the question you'd like to work with for the Secret Researcher Project (guidelines and sample questions at left). You must e-mail Sheldon your proposed question for approval before 9pm on 1/22.



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