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This LibGuide supports students in LIB 102 - Introduction to Reference and Information Services.

Professor Sheldon's students: Click on the appropriate tab above to access weekly updates regarding class content and assignments.

The textbook required for this class is Crash Course in Reference by Charlotte Ford (Libraries Unlimited, 2008, ISBN 978-1591584636).  Purchase it at the PCC Bookstore

Calendar Updates

For Wed., 1/28


  • Ford, Chap. 4, pp. 34-39


  • Finish one column of the Evaluating the Quality of Information worksheet, reviewing the website assigned to you by Sheldon. [See Week 2]
  • Boolean Logic Exercise [See Week 2].
  • Your question for the Secret Researcher Project, emailed to Sheldon before 9pm on Fri., 1/23, then approved by Sheldon before 12pm on 1/28. After you email your question to Sheldon, watch for her response/s; it may take a bit of correspondence before you receive the email that says "Question approved!"
    Print the email from Sheldon that says "QUESTION APPROVED" and bring it to class on 1/28.

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For Wed., 1/21



  • Complete Entry Inventory (link at left)
  • Print RUSA's Guidelines (link above) and highlight or star what you believe to be the 5 most important behaviors for a successful reference interchange. Be prepared to share your choices and your reasoning in class on 1/21.
  • Consider the question you'd like to work with for the Secret Researcher Project (guidelines and sample questions at left). You must e-mail Sheldon your proposed question for approval before 9pm on Fri., 1/23.



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